There can be no understating the importance of a quality commercial roller shutter to the success of a business. The roller shutter allows vehicle entry and exit for many service or courier based companies, it allows deliveries for stock-based businesses and security for all businesses.

Although the roller shutter only has the function of open close and stop, there can be a vast quality difference door to door. The difference between sizes in slats and manufacturers plays a large part in this. It’s important to get the best suited shutter for your application and not just buy one that someone has told you is good.

Depending on a number of cycles per day, ventilation requirements and security requirements, the type of commercial roller shutter you require will vary.

For example, some businesses require the door to be used a couple of dozen times per day, as they need the premises secured between entries and exits. This will directly affect the type of drum the roller shutter has, the gauge of slat that it requires, and the type of motor opener it requires. If this company put in a standard low cycle drum, 100mm slat curtain and low cycle motor, they would be calling up a company for repairs within days, not weeks.

Another example is a manufacturing plant that needs 25% ventilation. If they order the wrong type of slats with the wrong amount of perforation, they can be shut down indefinitely. On top of this, it can cause serious damage to parts or sickness to its employees. Remembering that these doors can cost tens of thousands of dollars depending on the application, the decision on the type of shutter you need is an important one. It shouldn’t be taken lightly or made without having a thorough discussion with the professionals.

With dozens of variants of commercial roller shutters, there will only be 1 that is ideal for your situation. Make sure you work alongside a professional company to make sure you get one ideal for your situation.