Impact Damage Repairs

It’s almost a guarantee that when you run a commercial property with a shutter door, you will at some stage have to organize impact damage repairs.

It’s always an unfortunate situation to be left in, however having a process in place to deal with it can save you money and headaches. We recommend all of our commercial clients have a printed procedure placed somewhere near the door in case of this situation.

Although every individual business will have a slightly different process, this is a guide of what content we recommend companies have to provide and what questions they should ask:

  1. Type of Door eg. Shutter, roller, bar grill, panel etc.
  2. Type of Motor (if applicable) eg. ATA, Grifco, Chamberlain
  3. Is the door powder-coated? If so what colour.
  4. Approximate height of the door
  5. Is there a forklift or scissor lift on-site?
  6. Take photos of the damage ready to send to repair company.
  7. Enquire about call-out fee and ongoing charges.
  8. Enquire about turn around time for full repairs (if not possible on the day)

We recommend that you have one particular company that you use for all of your repairs and maintenance services. This will mean that they will always have your door and motor details on hand. It will also generally mean that you are a higher priority for quick turnaround emergency services.

Depending on the company, they may even have membership programs that give discounts on things like impact damage repairs and same day services. It may even entitle you for discounts on replacement parts such as slats and clips which commonly need to be replaced in the event of impact damage.

If you’re interested in finding out more about impact damage repairs, give AGG Doors Industrial a call on (03) 8789 1385. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you have or schedule in an appointment if required.