Making sure that their factory or shop has the right industrial door should be one of the top considerations of business owners. An ideal industrial door provides added security and it also helps enhance the aesthetics of an establishment. As with many other things, security is always a priority and having good-looking business establishment could help entice more clients.

While it is important to choose the best door, it can also be quite difficult to look for one with all those great qualities. Good thing there is the B&D Toughpanel™ industrial sectional door. This type of industrial door that is made by one of the most popular brands in the market these days is just what business operators need and here are 3 reasons why:

Heavy Duty Industrial DoorHeavy-Duty – B&D markets this particular product of theirs as tough and can withstand heavy-duty use, hence the name. Fittingly, the Toughpanel™ is indeed very durable and is a good choice for many, if not all, commercial establishments. Its panels are made from 0.6mm thick steel and it is reinforced with galvanized hangers and hinges. Additional support could be added as well for wide doors.

Custom Made Industrial DoorCustom Made – It can surely fit any door openings as they are tailor made depending on the needs of the customer. Its design can even include insulation as well as windows. All you have to do is have your door area measured and you will be made a sectional door that has the perfect fit. It can also be noted that these are not made using standard-sized panels but custom ones.

Coloured Industrial DoorDifferent Colours – This industrial sectional door is not only tough, but it can also be stylish. Different colour finishes are available depending on your preferences. The standard finish is a woodgrain emboss but you can choose a smooth finish as well.

BnD Toughpanel

B&D Toughpanel™ is an industrial sectional door perfect for heavy duty use. (image is taken from

These are only the top 3 reasons why this product is a great buy for industrial use. This sectional door also has 20,000 spring life cycle, can have additional insulation which is great for tough weather conditions, and also comes with a 1-year warranty from B&D.

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