Slat Replacement

Over the course of a shutter doors lifetime, it is quite likely that at some stage you will need a slat replacement. This will generally be caused from impact damage from cars, forklifts or closing the shutter down on an obstruction.

Having damaged slats will quite often cause doors to become inoperable. If they do happen to stay operable despite the damaged slats, they can cause the door to become jammed or put extra stress on the motor. It is for this reasons that we generally recommend that the doors are not used, if possible, until the slats are replaced. If the door needs to be used to allow the business to operate, we generally recommend using it as little as possible.

If you require slats to be replaced, generally it will be a simple process of quick site evaluation to measure up the slats, placing them on order for manufacturing which can take anywhere between 24 hours and a week, powder coating (if applicable) and then installation. Depending on how busy the manufacturers/powder coaters are, generally, slat replacements can be done within days.

On the day of the slat replacement, we will need the doorway clear of any mess or products for both ease of access as well as preventing any damage to your possessions. Although we always take the utmost care, we always prefer our customer’s belongings to be away from the work zone. On arrival we will set up and in most cases will be done within a couple of hours depending on the extent of the work.

We generally like to try to arrange these slat replacements on days or times where there is minimal traffic going through the door. This allows us to work uninterrupted and your business to run as efficiently as possible.

If you’re interested in getting some slats replaced at your own premises, give us a call on (03) 8789 1385 to find out more.