Industrial Shutter Doors

AGG Doors Industrial installs and repairs industrial shutter doors with a height of up to 5 metres. Top quality service provided by a professional service crew is a guarantee.

AGG Doors Industrial makes use of B&D, ANSA, and Steeline industrial doors.

See below for more information on the products we use.

B&D Roll-A-Shutter®

This collection of industrial doors is ideal for various applications. It features a wide range of selections each of which are perfect for different uses from small to big warehouses, factories, and other industrial establishments.

4/100 (0.4 x 100mm)

  • Available for a range of openings from 5500mm high to 5500mm wide.
  • Glass reinforced polypropylene drums inside of spiral duct tubing.
  • Specially designed for commercial and industrial openings.
  • Easier, faster manual operation – utilising the Series 2 Planetary Gear chain drive.
  • Slats are 100mm with 3 small ribs, compatible with modern architectural styling.
  • Slats are 100mm with 3 small ribs, compatible with modern architectural styling.

6/100 (0.6 x 100mm)

  • Suited for all-round light industrial applications.
  • Can be powered electronically or chain-geared.
  • Suitable for openings requiring strong closure.
  • The Roll-A-Shutter is easily operated manually.
  • The most widely used shutter across majority of applications.

8/100 (0.8 x 100mm)

  • Ideal for most general-purpose applications such as medium-size factory doorways etc.
  • Operated by a choice of either manual, chain-geared or power-driven methods, ensuring minimal operational effort.

8/50 (0.8 x 50mm)

  • Suitable for kiosks, shops, trucks and vans etc.
  • Can be adapted for between-wall situations or doorways with clearance limitations.
  • The 8/50 is easily operated manually (no chain wheel).
  • Specially designed for commercial, small and light industrial applications from 900mm x 900mm to 5000mm x 5000mm.

10/100 (1.0 x 100mm)

  • Designed for all sizes and types of industrial and commercial applications. Suitable for factories, warehouses, service stations etc.
  • It is custom built with chain or heavy-duty electric operation, ensuring minimal operational effort.
  • The Roll-A-Shutter is ideal for heavy-duty wind loading and large opening situations.

For the colour chart of The B&D Roll-A-Shutter®, CLICK HERE

B&D Envir-A-Shutter®

A fully insulated shutter made from aluminum. It is ideal for industrial applications which require sound and/or thermal insulation.

Bottom Rail

  • Weatherseal
  • Extruded aluminum box section


  • A1 alloy, powder coated white extruded aluminium channel with brush inserts.
  •  Dimensions: 35mm (height) x 115mm (width).


  • Spring life of up to 10,000 cycles
  • Helical torsion-type drum springs


  • Available in off white, cream, and pewter
  • Powder coating is also available