Industrial Roller Shutter Openers

AGG Doors Industrial offers a wide variety of openers for your business’ roller shutter doors. We only offer products created by top brands such as ATA, Grifco, and Topdor to make sure that our customers only receive products which are of high-quality.

For more details about the brands and specific products we offer, please contact us at 1300 244 866

Check out the specific products that we offer below:

AXESS® Pro Series 3000 by Automatic Technology (ATA)


eDRive ML4053, 4103, 4153, 4051, 4102 by Grifco


eDRive MH4103, 4102 by Grifco


mDRive ML053M, 103M, 153M, 051M, 102M by Grifco


mDrive MH103M, MH103M(with D80 Flange), 103MB, 103MD, 103MF, 102M by Grifco


75001, 75012, 75003, 75004 by Grifco