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What is a garage door motor?

As defined by Wikipedia, it is a device used to open and close a garage door. It is usually operated with the use of a remote control switch which is controlled by the user. It is also more commonly known as a “garage door opener”.

How to pick the right type?

Choosing the Right Garage Door Motor

There are a lot of different types of garage door openers being sold out there these days. In order to avoid a wrong purchase, it is essential to know first which type of garage door you are using or planning to use. Among the most common types of openers are roller shutter openers, roller door openers, and overhead door openers.

The next thing that you need to determine is which specific door drive is ideal for your needs. Below are the different types and the pros and cons of buying them:

  • Screw Drive – Has more power as compared to belt-driven motors. This is because screw drive systems are more solid and durable than the others. They also have fewer parts therefore they are easier to maintain and are cheaper overall. On the negative, this type of motor produces more noise when operated since they have metal parts which comes in contact with one another during operation.
  • Belt Drive – Probably the most popular type of garage door motor, not only in Melbourne, but in other cities as well and maybe even in other countries. Since it is more common, its parts are more accessible, there are more options available in the market, and there are more technicians out there who can repair them. One of its main strengths is its smooth and quiet operation but on the downside, it can only handle lighter doors.
  • Chain Drive – The motor drive which produces the most noise among the three yet it is also one of the most durable and least expensive. This is a perfect buy for people who have a garage which are not attached to their homes since the noise would be tolerable. There are products available out there that can help reduce its noise but then again it would counter the best benefit it brings to the table – being the cheapest.


What is the best brand?

Commercial Door Opener Melbourne

Here at AGG Doors Industrial, we offer only the best brands to our consumers. For industrial purposes, the brands we offer are ATA or Automatic Technology, Topdor (Ronson Gears), and Grifco. These brands have been producing only high-quality products and they have been doing it for several years. For getting the most value for your money, it is best to invest on trusted brands only.

Where to buy?

Knowing where to buy a garage door motor is one of the most important things you need to remember. You can visit the shops of those aforementioned brands or you can check out their respective websites. We also have them here at AGG Doors Industrial. To shop online you can CLICK HERE or you may contact us by CLICKING HERE for more information. Our team of professional technicians also does repairs as well as installations of various types of garage door motors, both old and new.

Installation and Warranty

Most, if not all, manufacturers and/or suppliers of this product offers free installation depending on your location. As for the warranty, it also depends on them and it usually ranges from 6 months up to a year or even longer.


Before you decide to buy a new garage door motor, check your old motor carefully first and determine if it can still be repaired by a professional. Should you decide to purchase ensure to take into consideration important points mentioned above. Your budget, the product’s specifications, and your various needs are key aspects to ponder on before buying.