It seems that every day, somewhere in Melbourne, there has been a forklift or truck that has underestimated their size and collected the bottom of a door. This often results in the door being pulled out of the guides and more often than not cause the door to jam. This can cause a serious security issue for many businesses as they are unable to secure their factories and offices.

The first thing to do is stop operation immediately. Trying to operate the door by chain or by motor can cause more damage to the door or burn out the motor. Clear the area and zone it off to ensure people are aware of the hazard.

After the correct safety precautions have been taken, call a garage door company to organize an emergency shut down to secure the premises. If you have photos of the door in its current state it will be beneficial in obtaining a quote for the service as well as ensure the company brings the necessary tools. In a lot of these cases a scissor lift will be required. Failing this a forklift with an OH&S approved man cage may do. If you do not have these, many companies will be able to hire one out on your behalf, usually cheaper than what you could hire them yourselves.

Upon arrival the company should be able to secure your factory. Depending on the severity of the incident, these jobs can take from half an hour onwards. For the more extreme cases, such as ram raiding, these jobs can take 5 or 6 hours to secure, however these are quite rare.

After they’ve finished the shut down, the company should provide you with a quote to replace the damaged slats, clips or entire curtain to get the door back to satisfactory operating condition. On rare occasions, the doors may be operable in the interim until the parts can be replaced, however it is best to check this with the company.

If you’re looking for information about factory door repairs or to become a client which gets you on the list in case emergencies like this happen, call a professional garage door company with a track record of quality emergency repairs.