Installing commercial doors is a difficult skill to master. It can be quite a large undertaking and although in theory should be quite simple, the amount of variables can make these jobs quite challenging. We strongly recommend these jobs be done by professionals with the correct equipment. Given the size and weight of these types of doors, serious injury or death have occurred, even to people who do this as a profession.

To begin, it is important that the installation team is equipped not only with the right knowledge, but the right tools.Trucks, scissor-lifts, fork-lifts and boom-lifts are commonly seen on these sites, with block and tackle also used. Without this equipment, an installation would be both difficult and very unsafe.

Knowing all your measurements is also key to a successful installation. Although there are standard installation instructions for the sizes, many installations require adjustments for numerous reasons. This is why it is important that the lead hand have a good handle on how the door runs and how to best mount them for optimal installation. The placement of brackets and how best to fix the drum and curtain are best left to someone with experience.

Having your correct documentation is also important for legal reasons. A copy of your SWMS, JSA’s and your appropriate tickets for the equipment you are using need to be kept on hand. If you don’t have these you may very well be working in a dangerous manner and leaving yourself open to accidents, injury and legal disputes.

If you or someone you know is looking at installing a commercial door, give a professional company a call to discuss how they can help you. Most companies will be happy to come out and do a site evaluation and quote, or at least discuss some recommendations and tips they may have if you do choose to go ahead and do it yourself.